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Welcome Parents

As West Springfield Little League begins the new season, we would like to thank our parent volunteers. We are looking forward to a great season!

2024 Team Picture Day

Team pictures will be Saturday, April 13th at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Even if you don’t purchase pictures, please attend the photo shoot as these photos will go in our yearbook. Pictures will be taken inside the cafeteria, so they will be taken rain or shine. Here are some more important points for next Saturday:


  • NO CLEATS inside the school! Players should wear their hat, jersey, and game pants, but should wear regular sneakers or other type of shoes that are not cleats. If your player's game is before your team's photo is taken, it is not necessary to change pants. Dirty pants just show your player has been on the field playing baseball!
  • Both team photos and individual photos will be taken at this time. If you do not plan on purchasing photos of your player, please come for the team photo anyway. These photos will be used in our 2024 yearbook.
  • We cannot change time slots for teams. The current schedule, attached to this email, works around the warm-ups and game times for 57 different teams, so we cannot make alterations at this point.
  • You can order photos online with the information found below. Ordering online is the only way to pay by credit card. You can also order in person at Rolling Valley ES, but you must pay by cash or check. There is no credit card payment on-site.
  • When you place an order, you will receive a unique order number for each player over email and text. Please have this number at the ready when your player arrives for pictures.
  • Your manager should give you instructions for when and where to meet before your scheduled picture time to get everyone together and ready for their closeups. When photos are ready, they will be given to your manager for distribution.

ONLINE ORDERING (New this season!)

Go to:

Families will need to create an account and use the WSLLL access code found below to place an online order. Orders should be placed prior to or on picture day. Orders that are placed after picture day will incur additional processing fees.

WSLL Access Code: ANSLC


The order number that is generated when an order is placed must be written on the photo slip (provided at the shoot) and given to the photographer when their child’s picture is taken. Orders cannot be processed without an order number. Parents will receive an email and a text with their order number.

Each child must have a different order number. Parents ordering for multiple children must complete the checkout process for one child before starting an order for another child.

Olson Photography will also have traditional order envelopes available at the photo shoot for families who would prefer to order that way and pay with cash or check (credit card payments are only accepted via online ordering).

Become a Team Parent

Team Parent Meeting

2024 Materials: 

Team Parent Presentation 2024 (pdf)

Field Prep Information (pdf)

Contact team parent liaison, Shelley Haley, for link to meeting.


A key responsibility of the team parent is to make sure the team banner is created and then brought to every game and displayed behind the team's dugout. The team banner guide will help explain the need for the banner, details that must be included on the banner, and other helpful tips.

West Springfield Little League Team Banner Guide

If you have any questions please, contact team parent liaison, Shelley Haley.

Bat Regulations

Here’s a link to the USA Baseball approved bat list.  There are links to where families can go to purchase a particular model.

As I have said previously, in theory all bats will perform about the same under the new standard, so families should consider this as they make a selection.  While this is an approved list, the primary requirement to look for is the USA Baseball insignia prominently embossed on the throat of the bat (for Junior level and below.)  For Senior Baseball, the BBCOR standard still applies.  Ask families to be careful to look for this designation and avoid the confusion of any other designation that uses the word “approved.”  When in doubt, this list should be particularly helpful.
Be careful before you buy a new bat as Little League Baseball, not WSLL, is changing bat standards for the 2018 season. 


The link below is a full list of the baseball summer camps that have contacted us. If you are aware of additional camps, please email Matt Waggoner at [email protected] with the details so we can add them to the list

Summer Camp List

Parent Concerns


The League works hard to ensure we have a positive learning experience for players and their families. If you have questions or concerns please bring them up to your manager. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to the League Directors are happy to assist. 

League Directors



Dave Pollack


Ryan Sheehan


Mundo Berona


 John Ellison


Rebecca Price


Rebecca Price



Team Scorekeepers and Managers,

The following 2 part video series provides an excellent tutorial or refresher on how to properly do the scorebook for your team.
Keeping a scorebook pt1    
Keeping a scorebook pt2

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West Springfield Little League

West Springfield Little League, P.O. Box 2563
Springfield, Virginia 22152

Email: [email protected]

West Springfield Little League

West Springfield Little League, P.O. Box 2563
Springfield, Virginia 22152

Email: [email protected]
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